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"one of a kind! grab the opportunity"

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If you would like to express yourself in English, then try my classes which are adaptable to any ages and professions. Give it a shot.

I'm a TEFL certified, and I have Cambridge English certificate. I also have the licentiate and masteral degree. I'm currently teaching English in Andorra with continuous formation.

I believe that I can be of good help to a particular person and an asset of your company, not just mainly because of my educational background but first and foremost because of my desire for excellence.

On work and on everything I do, you will see how I put my great passion, my eagerness to be part of you(and or your company), my motivation and my determination that will not just contribute enough for the your progress personally but wholistically.

I'm a university graduate in Manila, Philippines on liberal arts, with a strong foundation in psychology, philosophy and public relations. Having graduated, I pursued my studies in Barcelona and was able to finish the Licentiate Degree in Philosophy at Ramon Llull University. I also took a Masteral Degree on Health and Nutrition, major in Public Health at the Open University of Catalonia.

I started my university education and finished a course in Associate in Health and Science Education prior to BA Philosophy. As my education grows professionally and being inculturated here in Europe I'm becoming fluent on such languages like English, Spanish, Catalan, a bit of French and also a bit comprehension of Latin, Greek and Hebrew since I have studied theological subjects in Barcelona.

Regarding my professional experience before coming here in Europe, I was handling the task of the assistant manager of a Merchandising Store in the Philippines. I also catered service in the world of Call Centers working for TELUS and VXI Global Solutions, as a Customer Service Associate.

Here in Europe, in Andorra to be precised, I had my practicum of teaching Health and Nutrition at Col·legi Janer in Santa Coloma. I also managed to work for almost three years as a pharmacy assistant where I have learned lots of endeavors and pharmaceutical related stuff like managing all the products, introducing their names and bar codes, handling the receipts, talking with the providers and clients on phones and in person. Currently, I'm working as an english teacher at Kids & Us.

I'm in to the following areas:

• Marketing and public relations.
• Excellent communication skills and educator
• Executive assistance
• International projects requiring a proficient use of languages
• HR assistance and receptionist(hotel/office/administrative) position

· Lunes desde las 8.00h hasta las 20.00h.
· Martes desde las 8.00h hasta las 20.00h.
· Miércoles desde las 8.00h hasta las 20.00h.
· Jueves desde las 8.00h hasta las 20.00h.
· Viernes desde las 8.00h hasta las 20.00h.
· Sábado desde las 8.00h hasta las 20.00h.
· Domingo desde las 8.00h hasta las 20.00h.
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